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When booking with us, you have an accident insurance in the activity you are going to do.

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In Que Loco! Tours we are committed to your safety, which is why we want you to know the insurance terms & conditions, and the insurance coverage during your adventure activities.

The medical expenses insurance that Qué Loco Tours offers, applies only in case of accidents that occurred during the activities; it does not cover minor medical expenses or previous medical conditions.

In case of accident, the necessary medical care will be provided and, if necessary, you will be transferred to a clinic for a medical evaluation. The insurance company will pay the service directly to the hospital and the affected party.

If the affected person would like to go to another clinic, other than the one designated, the expenses must be covered by the affected party and then the insurance company will reimburse up to the amount shown in your summary of cover. The affected person must keep all the original bills and request fiscal invoices from the hospital and doctors with the following generic National Registered Taxpayers Number (RNC) XEXX-010101-000 in case the affected is a foreigner (since any type of bills not accepted), to later send them to the address indicated by the insurance company.

Transfers by ambulance must be covered by the insured and later the insurance company will make the reimbursement.

The insurance will only be valid while you are doing any of the following activities: Hiking, camping, mountaineering and only if they are supervised by a trained guide with the appropriate equipment for each activity. (Removing the equipment or not following the instructions of the guide is considered negligence).

  • The insurer will not make reimbursements for medical expenses with a cost lower than the deductible: the cost of the deductible is $200.00 MXN (USD $10.7)
  • Coverage for medical expenses per person: $100,000 MXN (USD $5,307)
  • Organic losses: $150,000 MXN (USD $7,961) 
  • Accidental death: $400,000 MXN (USD $21,229) (12 years and older)
  • The maximum insured sum that will be paid for the occurrence of more than one death in a single event under the protection of the insurance policy, will be $1,500,000 MXN (USD $79,609) therefore, in this case, this amount will be distributed among those affected, considering the original insured amount by the insured.

Insurance Policy Number 48076-00

General conditions of the insurance policy:

  • VALID AGES: From 3 months to 79 years.
  • For people between 70 and 79 years old, in case of accident, the insured amounts are reduced to 50% of the above.
  • You must have a ticket and the release of liability form that you signed for the activity, this will accredit you as insured.
  • For the High Mountain activity, in case of accident, you must have the questionnaire prior to the evaluation of participants where you have been authorized to carry out said activity.
  • All reimbursement monitoring is the responsibility of the affected party.
  • It is the responsibility of the affected party to verify the validity of the claim of an accident.

The insurance policy in case of accident will not be activated in the following cases:

  • If the affected party did not send his personal data or did not send it correctly in the pre-trip questionnaire.
  • If the affected party did not correctly fill out the release of liability form, indicating in a complete, clear and legible manner his personal data.
  • By bite of any animal or insect, nor by poisoning of any kind.


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