We try to make reservations and payments as simple and secure as possible, offering the following payment methods:

1.Click on the “Book Now” button, you can choose the day you prefer and enter your card details securely, a payment receipt will automatically be sent to your email. 


2. Paypal (+6%). Another option we have for secure payments is with our Paypal account. Payments made through Paypal have a surcharge of 6% which must be added to the amount before sending. Payments have to be sent to

Paypal Logo

3. You can also pay with a payment link (a clickable link or scannable code that allows a customer to complete a purchase) created with Stripe, which we will send to you through Whatsapp or by email. It is very easy to pay and follow the steps. Within the payment link you will have payment options such as:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express


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